What a fasciatherapy session feels like… Victoria Birch from Elite Magazine reports

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 18.13.47The stresses and strains of everyday life can often result in depression, aching limbs and sleepless nights. Hélène Pennel uses a technique called Fasciatherapy, to gently stretch out tension from the inside. 

We all experience days when we get to wound up from the pressures of life, that our bodies feel like they need to be stretched. Muscle stiffness from sitting at desks, slouching on the sofa, stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep – or even from pain or injury – makes us all feel desperate for some respite. I hadn’t heard of Fasciatherapy before I went to meet Hélène. But as I lay down on the bed, her hypnotic, calming voice instantly relaxed me.
She gently cupped her hands under my arm pits and lightly stretched, bizarrely causing a tingly sensation in my tummy. But as Hélène explained the treatment, it suddenly made sense. Fasciatherapy is a soft tissue therapy consisting of gentle pressure and stretching of the body’s connective tissues, called the fascia, that forms a web which covers, links and separates all the parts of your body, relieving tension.
Hélène worked around my body, but not in any specific order, instead unravelling the path of the tensions that she is able to tune in to through her touch, stimulating lymph flow, revitalising organs, oiling joints and relaxing muscles.
At the end of the session I didn’t want to get up. It had well and truly zapped me. Hélène told me that as patients relax, they can often experience changes from feeling emotional, alive, positive or calm.
On a personal level, I felt like I was in a dream and was struggling to wake up. I walked around in a daze for a good half an hour, before being alert enough to drive home.
The tingles moved all over the body putting me into a trance-like state where  my brain was struggling to think of anything of great significance, and Hélène’s presence and touch was surprisingly comforting and soothing.