The body-mind link… a virgin territory

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This is an article I wrote for the Autumn/Winter 2014 issue of Design for Life magazine, a free local lifestyle magazine promoting wellbeing, green living, positive thinking and creativity. The article appears p 23.






Who runs the show in your life ? Is it your mind ? Is it your heart ?

Questions that of course we each bring our own answer to, but often it is either our mind or our heart that rules – and hopefully they take it in turn ! So we lead a double life where each lives in a separate room and sometimes they manage to meet and talk to each other to agree on a common strategy.

 But what about the body in all this ?

As Westerners we tend to experience our bodies mostly through pain, pleasure and effort, and of course our emotions. We know there is an interaction between body and mind, but where does it take place and what does it really mean to us?

So what if…. what if there is indeed a place, a place where the so-called body-mind link is a tangible reality to be experienced, not just a concept to explain the interactions between the body and the mind.

What if in this place the heart and the mind can find rest in their long battle ? What if they can interact in harmony, neither dominating the other, but both nourishing each other in a constant dialogue bringing fresh perspectives ?

It is like a virgin territory, a place that is free from our individual story and our thought and emotional habits, a place of balance where calm, peace, fluidity and positivity prevail, a slow moving landscape where it is possible to find comfort in the midst of the turmoils of our lives.

 A dream you might say… !

Personally it is a reality that I experience in my daily life and it underlies the body-centred techniques that I have been using for 16 years to accompany people to feel better in their lives.

It has not changed my world but how I feel in it and how I interact with it, making me a more conscious actor of my life, and I hope more positive, empathic and compassionate in my relationships to others.