“The sessions have helped me peel off stress layers rooted in my body and have taught me to feel the tensions, identify the stress in a physical way and as such helped me prevent the buid up of stress in my daily life. I started to feel, for the first time, that stress did not have to be imposed on me, I could actively let it flow through me, preventing it from settling in and therefore keeping a better sense of inner balance. This has helped me hugely in dealing with my job as an investment fund manager, where pressure can blur the mind and get in the way of sound investments.”    Bruno S, investment fund manager

“Hélène’s approach is unique. While she works on my body there is also an amazing transformation effect in my mind. After my first session I felt an astonishing sense of lightness and space. I had been feeling stressed and anxious and this was replaced by a feeling of incredible relaxation and calmness. In later sessions I also experienced this sense of being more at one with myself, and additionally a physical sensation of my body being more open. I firmly believe in the need for mind and body to be aligned – Hélène’s approach is a gentle and very effective way to achieve this.”    Gill S, Life Coach

“I started seeing Hélène Pennel a couple of years ago because of recurrent lower back pain. Her technique did relieve a lot of the pain but, more importantly, it helped (and is still helping) me in becoming more myself. It works on the body but actually has an effect on the whole person – although I don’t understand exactly how. I’ve discovered a whole new dimension of myself. Working with Hélène has changed how I feel about myself and how I am in life.”    Anne Claire B, copywriter and editor

“Hélène delivers a powerful restorative touch. She has helped me to recover from a really bad trapped nerve in my neck and shoulder, as well as easing a long-term problem with my back. With most practitioners you are to some extent passive, receiving treatment but not being involved with the practitioner. With Hélène you have to be in touch with yourself and feed back to her how you are feeling throughout the session. It’s difficult at first and you have to avoid thinking and just feel what you feel. It’s also very subtle and I was aware of movement in my body.”    John F, director of business development

“As a singer, I appreciate the way this work is helping me increase awareness of how different parts of my body relate to each other, and releases tensions so that my movement (and resulting sound) become freer and more organic and grounded in the body.”    Sophia P, Singer

“After suffering from a bad sleeping pattern for a prolonged period, I enquired about and began to seek treatment from Hélène. After a number of treatments I have found a very positive change in my ability to achieve a restful night’s sleep, gained through an awareness of the mind and body and achieving a more relaxed state. It has made a significant difference to my general well-being.”    Dana S

“I used to need 8 puffs of my inhaler a day, now it is more like 4 a year, and only in cold weather. My energy level has improved and I have been able to gradually achieve more in my daily life.”    Maria M, retired teacher, asthma and ME sufferer

“When I first learnt about Hélène’s work, I was feeling stuck and detached from life with my professional career in disarray and personal relationships full of anger and resentment. At the end of the first session I felt physically lighter and extremely relaxed but this was the whole extent of the changes that I observed in the coming days.
It was several months later when I realized that although nothing had changed dramatically in my life, I was feeling rather differently and was able to see my way much clearer than before. Most importantly, I was once more able to connect with people and be my natural positive and resourceful self. The anger and resentment had been replaced with calmness, acceptance and clarity of mind; it felt like recovering from a long illness.”    Emine D, commercial manager

“I have been thinking about your work with me, what a wonderful experience it was… When I came to you, I was in a very bad way with migraines. You were able to relieve the problem at times, with those amazing ‘magic’ hands of yours, but in the end, only a complete lifestyle change has really helped me cope.
But you gave me a lasting gift Hélène. Your work has helped ‘unblock me’, as an artist. I had been trying to work in a freer, loser way, and now the brush flows freer, and the colours are brighter and stronger. You seemed to fire up a wonderful new creative energy in me, and now that the migraines are less frequent, there is no stopping me.”    Lucy D, painter

“As I relaxed it was like Hélène was melting the permafrost in my body, melting away the fear in my body and getting down to the real core. I think I am gradually softening and becoming more integrated. For me it is a long journey, a journey of discovery.”    Karen B, Creative Director