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What is Perceptual education?

A tool for personnal development which brings you to release the physical, mental and emotional tensions in your body and experience a sense of wholeness, opening you to new perspectives that ultimately help you cope better with life’s challenges. You learn to achieve lasting change, by tuning into your inner body as a way to renew how you feel, think and behave.

Perceptual Education allows you to become more present to yourself through transforming the relationship you have to your own body. It is an approach that allows you to experience your body as a living sensing part of yourself that contributes to how you think, feel and relate to yourself, others and to your life. As you reappropriate that dimension of yourself, new sense and meanings can emerge that bring you different perspectives on your past and future, and ultimately allow you to become the conscious subject of your own life and bring about the changes that reflect who you are becoming.

How does it work?

I use a combination of touch, movement and meditative, verbal and journal writing techniques to accompany you to become aware of inner body perceptions and of their resonnance for you and to draw sense and meaning from this for your life. You also learn movement, meditative and writing techniques so that you can be active in your own process in a more independent way.

As you gradually go through this process you will notice naturally occuring shifts in how you think, behave and relate to yourself, others and to your life. You begin to express more and more who you are in the process of becoming, through actions and ways of being that are in harmony with your potential, your inner values, your motivations and your circumstances.

I offer more discreet one-to-one sessions or inspiring workshops which focus on movement, meditation and verbal dialogue – in the professional setting of the Orchard Clinic in Amersham and  Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

What are the physical and emotional benefits?

•   releases tensions, eases anxiety and stress
•   helps you feeling more alive, whole and grounded
•   mobilizes inner motivation and rekindles positivity
•   develops resilience and adaptability
•   balances self-esteem
•   helps you find or clarify directions
•   develops presence to yourself and others in the moment
•   broadens how you feel, think and ultimately behave
•   improves self-expression and stimulates creativity
•   refreshes your sense of self

When, typically, would I benefit from Perceptual education?

If you:
•   are experience both physical and emotional/psychological symptoms of    ill-ease
•   are struggling to cope with major life changes – divorce, bereavement, illness,  career breaks, empty nest, separation, growing older
•   are experiencing body-image issues or eating disorders
•   feel stuck in life or unable to take decisions
•   feel stressed at work or at home
•   are a carer for a relative
•   want to improve how your relate to yourself, others and to your life
•   suffer from low self-esteem and would like to feel more confident
•   want to be more creative
•   need to improve ways of communication

Where does Perceptive Development come from?

It is a unique approach developed by French Prof Danis Bois over the last 35 years. He founded Fasciatherapy and Somatic-psychoeducation from which Percepual Education evolved. and now heads a research laboratory ( on bodily subjectivity and its role in learning processes. Find out more.

What happens during the sessions?

We’ll talk about your needs and work out the best approach for you. Usually, for the first session you’ll lie on a massage table and be touched gently through your clothes, while encouraged to give feedback. At other times, I’ll teach you how to move with more awareness and practice introspective meditation. I may ask you to write down how you feel at times, or to draw if you are more comfortable with that mode of expression.

CALL ME to discuss your circumstances and how I can help you

In the words of my clients…

“The technique relieved my back pain but, more importantly, it helped (and is still helping) me in becoming more myself. It works on the body but actually has an effect on the whole person. I’ve discovered a whole new dimension of myself.”

“As a singer, I appreciate the way this work is helping me increase awareness of how different parts of my body relate to each other, and releases tensions so that my movement (and resulting sound) become freer and more organic and grounded in the body.”