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I use the term Meditation ‘n’ Motion as an umbrella term for the stand-alone disciplines that have evolved from DBM Fasciatherapy and are part of the tools used in Perceptual Education: Full Presence Meditation® and Sensorial Movement. They  complement each other, offering you the opportunity to develop your own practice as a way to self-care and achieve sustainable daily wellbeing, and to be more active in your own growth process.


What is Full Presence Meditation®?

Full Presence Meditation® is a secular form of meditation based on inner-body perception, following a protocole developed in France by Prof Danis Bois.  You learn how to step out of your daily activities to slow down and give yourself time to become :

•   more present to the unfolding moment
•   more in tune with yourself
•   more in tune with others
•   more in tune with your environment
•   more at ease with your life circumstances


“Full presence occurs when minimal attention is combined with maximum perception.”
Danis Bois

How does it work?

By experiencing guided meditations, you gradually learn how to meditate on your own and develop the art of making meditation part of your daily life. This secular form of meditation is based on developing inner-body perception and is done sitting comfortably on a chair.

What are the benefits?

It brings you towards aliveness and in time it becomes easier to achieve states of wholeness, groundedness, peace, positivity, alerness, clarity, fluidity, calm, trust, warmth, plenitude and a refreshed sense of self that can feed into your life.

When would Full Presence Meditation® be good for you?

If you:
•   have wanted to meditate for a long time, but have never taken that step
•   want to cope better with daily stress
•   want to be more in tune with yourself and others
•   want to learn how be more in the moment

•   have had a Perceptual Education or Fasciatherapy session and wish to explore further what you experienced then.

When and where

For more information on the Wednesday Full Presence Meditation at the Amersham-on-the-Hill Community centre, click here

What is Sensorial Movement?

It is a gentle meditative slow movement practice that stretches all the fascia in a deep and harmonious way to release tensions. It can be used to regain mobility, for rehabilitation and injury prevention and as a daily antidote to the build up of stress. It is also a powerful tool to learn to slow down, to tune your body and your mind and help you be to be more present to yourself and your environment in the moment.

“Sensorial Movement is to the West what Tai Chi is to the East.”
Danis Bois

How does it work?

I teach you techniques to help you become more aware of the inner sensations of your body in stillness and in motion, and to develop your natural ability to perceive yourself as you move. The moves are simple and done at a relaxed slow pace, sitting and standing. Over time, you learn a series of codified movement which becomes the base of your practice.

This brings you towards aliveness, wholeness, groundedness, fluidity, clarity, peace and calm and you begin to relate to yourself and others in new ways, which in time brings fresh perspectives to your life.

What are the benefits?

•   Better mobility and coordination
•   Injury prevention and rehabilitation
•   Better body awareness
•   More adaptable to change
•   Clearer sense of space and direction
•   Increased self-perception
•   Developing attention and presence
•   More creativity and self-expression
•   Broadening how you feel, think and act

When would Sensorial Movement be good for you?

If you:
•    hate the gym and strenuous exercise, and are looking for a way to move that is gentle and does not require any particular level of fitness or suppleness
•   want to manage stress better
•   want to move with more ease
•   wish to be more active in looking after your own health
•   want to learn to listen more to your body
•   want to slow down and be more in the moment
•   are looking for an innovative body-centred personal growth process
•   want to be more creative and expressive
•   have had a Perceptual Education or Fasciatherapy session and wish to explore further what you experienced then.


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