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What is DBM (Danis Bois Method) Fasciatherapy ?

A soft tissue manual and movement therapy consisting of gentle pressure and stretching of the body’s connective tissues – the fascia : the web of elastic tissues that covers, links and separates all the different parts of your body and forms the tensional nework of the body. It helps to calm and prevent mental, emotional and physical pain, soothes fatigue and stress and puts you back in tune with your body.

How does it work?

Fascia is an elastic tissue and is very sensitive to any form of psychological, emotional or physical stress. These tensions often become trapped and can distort your body’s equilibrium, affecting its natural movements and causing pain, tension, functional disorders or joint problems, sometimes at a distance from where the initial issue is.

DBM Fasciatherapy responds to the subtle flow of movements present in your body and follows their natural rhythm. It releases these stored tensions, stimulates blood and lymph flow, oils the joints and relaxes muscles – restoring the body’s balance and natural way of doing things.

What are the physical and emotional benefits?”

•   Pain relief and management
•   Tension and stress release and management
•   Improved mobility – internal and external
•   Better circulation of body fluids, particularly blood and lymph
•   Better vitality
•   Feeling generally more relaxed

Which conditions would fasciatherapy be most helpful for?

•   Muscle and joint stiffness and pain, including lower back-pain and fasciatis
•   Lack of mobility
•   Stress, insomnia, digestive problems
•   Anxiety, phobias, panic attacks
•   Fatigue symptoms
•   Depressive states and post traumatic stress
•   Chronic fatigue – including ME
•   Headaches, migraines, nausea
•   Chronic pain management solutions
•   Recovery from surgery or injury
•   Support for heavy medical treatments
•   Improving quality of life with chronic conditions
•   Supports age related issues

Where does Fasciatherapy DBM come from?

DBM Fasciatherapy was developed in France in the early 80’s by Danis Bois, a then physiotherapist and osteopath. He went on to complete a PhD in Sciences of Education and to develop Somatic-psychoeducation which is at the root of Percepual Education. Bois now heads a research laboratory ( on bodily subjectivity and its role in learning processes.

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What does it feel like?

You’ll lie on a treatment table – usually with your clothes on – and I will use a combination of gentle stretches and pressure in very precise movements following a natural flow within your body. As a patient,you are guided to engage in your own healing process by tuning into yourself and observing the effects of the touch and of movement in your body. As your body releases its tensions and becomes revitalised, there is a tangible effect on the mind. Patients often report feeling deeply relaxed as well as other shifts in their inner state – ranging from aliveness, wholeness and positivity to feeling calmer and at peace.

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In the words of my clients…

“The sessions have helped me peel off stress layers rooted in my body and have taught me to feel the tensions, identify the stress and as such helped prevent the build- up of stress in my daily life.”

“It feels good to be moved in these ways, and wonderfully relaxing.”