Serendipity led me to this work at a time of challenge and professional dissatisfaction. It was 1998 and I was working in the branding business in London. Experiencing the amazing benefits of Fasciatherapy DBM prompted me to re-evaluate my life. I trained as a practitioner in this discipline, then in Somatic-psychoeducation (also called Perceptual Education) which evolved from it. I relocated from London a few years ago and am now based in Buckinghamshire. I practice from the Orchard Clinic in Amersham and from the Bagnall Health Centre for Integrated Health in Chesham in Buckinghamshire – just outside London.

First, I first trained in Geneva to obtain a certificate, then a diploma in Fasciatherapy DBM from the Collège International Méthode Danis Bois in Paris, France. Find out more about Danis Bois’ work.

Additional training included a post-graduate course (DESS) in Movement Perception Education and university diplomas in Art Movement Therapy and Somatic- Psychoeducation (Pédagogie Perceptive), taught by Danis Bois himself.

As one of only a few practitioners of Fasciatherapy DBM and Perceptual Education in an English-speaking environment, I have been involved in developing the English language of this work and in translating its concepts from French into English, including research articles and presentations, and the translation of Danis Bois’ book explaining the principles of his approach: Le Moi Renouvelé – published in English under the title ‘The Wild Region of Lived Experience: Introducing Somatic-psychoeducation’

Between 2004 and 2012, I have acted as Danis Bois’ French-English interpreter during the international summer university workshops he ran in the USA (in Omega, NY), the UK and France for practitioners in this field.

I also qualified as a massage therapist before staring my Danis Bois training (ITEC).