Suffering from long-standing chronic pain or a chronic condition adversly affecting your daily life ?

Struggling with stress and anxiety, or challenging life situations, physical and/or emotional ?

Feeling stuck and wishing for a shift ?

Wanting to slow down, quieten the noise in your head and become more present to yourself, others and your life ?

Wishing to achieve better body-mind balance, and/or to broaden your outlook on your life and on life ?


You are looking for physical relief and like gentle but deep bodywork.
You are looking for emotional or mental relief and a way forward, and have no wish to talk about the past.
You wish to (re)connect with yourself and feel more engaged your life.
You want tools to learn to self-care so you can care for others better.
You are interested in developing your creativity and your potential.

How can I help you?

I use person-centred body-focussed methods that complement each other to help you feel less pain, release stress, tune body and mind and enable gentle lasting change, so that you can become more adaptable and resilient, and cope better with the unforeseen events and the natural changes that life presents, and (re)connect with the natural dynamic of your life.

These methods are both profoundly therapeutic and preventative, enabling gentle lasting change and more adaptability – physical, emotional, psychological. They are also powerful tools to develop self-awareness through the development of inner-body perception, bringing you to broaden your perspectives and to learn to take ownership of your own body-mind health and life. These techniques originate in France. They have been developed by Prof Danis Bois  over the last 35 years.

I practice in Buckinghamshire at the Orchard Clinic in Amersham HP6 5AB and at the Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare in Chesham HP5 1PE, within easy distance from West London.


CONTACT ME to discuss your circumstances and how I can help you



      DBM Fasciatherapy

A soft-tissue manual and movement therapy designed to ease pain, relieve stress, energise, aid recovery, soothe the effects of heavy medical treatment, improves quality of life with chronic conditions and supports aging.

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Perceptive Development

Perceptual Education

A tool for personal growth using touch, movement, dialogue, meditation and writing, to   develop inner-body perception to enrich how you feel, think and ultimately behave. You open you up to new ways of being and relating that feed into your life.

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Mediation in Motion

Meditation ‘n’ Motion 

Full Presence Meditation® and Sensorial Movement classes or workshops offer a chance to learn meditative and slow movement techniques as an art of self-care, to release tension, achieve sustainable daily wellbeing and develop presence towards a more harmonious way of life.

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